Áhugaverðir staðir

  • Chocolate Mansion

    2900 Jackson Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    In 2020, the Chocolate Mansion opened its immaculate doors as a boutique hotel, welcoming guests from near and far. Located in historic Sioux City, Iowa, this once 1894 Victorian family estate, is now a sweet place to stay for the public.

    This elaborate piece of history boasts three stories of architectural twists and turns, bringing back the era of romance and beauty. With six different bedroom options, any guest can find that perfect place to retire for the evening. Each room offers a period appropriate color scheme, delectable candies to suit the space, and pristine art pieces.

    The decision to stay becomes easier with two floors of common spaces to roam and relax in.

    Full of rich history, family antiquities, and different rooms to enjoy, the Chocolate Mansion will make for one unforgettable experience.

    Pick a room, any room, and stay awhile. Wander the grounds, find your way to the sprawling garden venue, and take in the surroundings.

    Sit on the porch with a good book, or a full glass of wine, and stay at your home away from home. A routine trip will definitely be on the books after staying in style at the Chocolate Mansion.

    BOOK YOUR STAY:  www.ChocolateMansionSiouxCity.com

  • Sioux City Museum

    Sioux City Public Museum, 4th Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    The Sioux City Public Museum is a museum about the history and culture of Sioux City, Iowa.  Displays include a video about the city's history.  Native American artifacts, pioneer vehicles, agriculture, industry, geology, and fossils.  http://www.siouxcitymuseum.org/


  • Sioux City Art Center

    Sioux City Art Center, Nebraska Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    The Sioux City Public Museum is a museum about the history and culture of Sioux City, Iowa. Displays include a video about the city's history, Native American artifacts, pioneer artifacts, historic transportation vehicles, agriculture, industry, geology and fossils.


  • Stone State Park

    Stone State Park, Talbot Road, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    Stone State Park is an urban wildlife sanctuary on the edge of Sioux City and the heart of the Loess Hills. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built many of the park’s structures in the 1930s including entrance portals, the Calumet shelter and a rustic stone lodge. Visitors can explore the natural history of the park by walking its many of miles trails, looking for wildlife and birds, or at the nearby Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.


  • LaunchPAD Children's Museum

    LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Pearl Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    At LaunchPAD Children's Museum, your children will enter a world full of fun and learning which will help your children grow.  https://launchpadmuseum.com/

  • Trinity Heights

    Trinity Heights, 33rd Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    Trinity Heights offers more than two dozen shrines, memorial garden spots and quiet corners for prayer and reflection amidst 14 acres of spacious walkways and soft green spaces.  http://www.trinityheights.com/

  • Sergeant Floyd River Museum & Welcome Center

    Sergeant Floyd River Museum, Larsen Park Road, Sioux City, IA, USA .


  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City, 3rd Street, Sioux City, IA, USA .


  • Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

    Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Sioux River Road, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    Hike a trail and let prairie grasses tickle your chin.  Explore bur oak forests with 150-year old giants.  Climb the ridges and imagine what Lewis and Clark might have seen.  http://woodburyparks.org/dorothy-pecaut-nature-center/

  • Bacon Creek Park

    Bacon Creek Park, Correctionville Road, Sioux City, IA, USA .

    Spacious locale for picnics and lake fishing, plus multiuse trails, a playground and dog park. More info.

  • Sioux City Railroad Museum

    Sioux City Railroad Museum, Sioux River Road, Sioux City, IA, USA .