How To Smoke In A Hotel Bathroom Without It Smelling?

For those of us who consume legal herbs and concentrates, traveling can occasionally be a nightmare. Stress can consume our thoughts when we are away from home for extended periods or when herb is inaccessible or poorly received. Hotels have started moving away from smoke-friendly rooms, leaving smokers to develop a variety of methods to smoke without being charged. This article, will explain how to smoke in a hotel bathroom without it smelling.

How To Smoke In A Hotel Bathroom Without It Smelling?

1. Vape Pens Are Your Best Bet

We would be missing the mark if we did not mention that wax and oil pens are the ideal way to avoid the following issues. They’re typically odorless, smokeless (unless their heating mechanism malfunctions), and the best way to sneak a smoke wherever you are, whether you’re in a hotel room or on a trip in the great outdoors.

E-cigarette proliferation has also made wax and oil pens less detectable and obvious, making them more travel-friendly than ever before. To the uninitiated, they appear completely discreet, and they can typically fit in a pocket, purse, backpack, or fanny pack without much trouble.

Blowing vapor into an air conditioner completely dissipates it if you’re trying to be discreet, due to the air conditioner’s dehumidifying capability (a function that soaks up and breaks down water vapor). So, if you want to be extra cautious with the vapor, you can always lean over and blow it into the hotel room’s air conditioning vents.

2. Making Your Hotel Room Smoke-Proof

Don’t worry if you don’t have a balcony. As long as your room has an operable window, it is possible to smoke indoors. First, secure the door and place a towel underneath it to block any airflow from the hallway. Some individuals swear by using a damp towel, but completely dry towels are also effective.

Next, if at all possible, direct airflow away from the door. If a fan is available, place it at the door to blow smoke away from any gaps between the door and its frame. If your room does not include a fan, you can always request one at the front desk; just don’t mention why.

Numerous hotel room smokers cover the fire alarm with a handkerchief or plastic bag secured with a rubber band to prevent it from activating. This is a questionably safe but probably proactive measure.

This may have serious legal and practical consequences, if there is a fire, you must remove the handkerchief immediately after use. Then, simply lean and blow the smoke through the window so that it escapes the room.

3. Make Smokebuddy Your Buddy

Obtaining a portable air filter is highly recommended if you do not wish to perform all of these steps. Smokebuddy has existed for over a decade, shielding smokers from unwanted odors before they persist.

They are available in various sizes and hues and can withstand over 600 uses! Simply remove the caps and exhale through the mouthpiece while the smokebuddy removes odors and smoke.

4. Clean After Yourself

Hand pipes are considered the best option for hotel smoking (since they don’t stay lit like joints and are less obvious than a bong), however, if you choose to use a piece instead of something rolled, you must remember to put away your stash and device!

There is nothing worse than worrying about whether a cleaner will create a bad reputation for your business, and the purpose of a vacation is to have fun, not to be paranoid.

5. Brew A Cup Of Coffee

Some hotels provide complimentary coffee makers and single-cup servings in the rooms. If they do, brew some while you are smoking or immediately after. The steam from the boiling water should help absorb some of the odor, while the aroma of the coffee should help mask the rest. Plus, you get a fresh cup when you’re finished!

6. The Shower Method

The Shower Method requires turning on the shower’s hottest setting and allowing steam to fill the bathroom. Ensure that you are on cloud nine! Enter the bathroom, cover the bottom of the door similarly to how you covered the bottom of the front door, and if your hotel bathroom has an exhaust fan, turn it on immediately before smoking.

Now, when you smoke in the bathroom, the odor/tar from the combustion smoke will adhere to the steam rather than the walls. Then, the exhaust fan will remove them from the room. There is Nothing Else to the Shower Method.

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