Best Hotel Chain To Work For

Choosing the finest hotel chain to work for can be crucial, as it affects your professional development and job satisfaction. Each option within the hospitality industry has its own distinct culture, benefits, and opportunities. This article, will explain best hotel chain to work for.

What Is A Hotel Chain?

A hotel chain is a business that owns and/or administers multiple hotels or comparable guest accommodations. This includes situations in which a company is a full or partial proprietor of additional properties, so long as the same company is responsible for marketing and administrative duties.

In general, all hotels that are part of a hotel chain will have the same branding, and the products and services offered within these hotels will also be comparable. These giant corporations that own or operate multiple hotel chains are called hotel groups.

Best Hotel Chain To Work For

Following is additional information on ten of the world’s largest hotel chains. If you are seeking employment in the hospitality industry, these chains may be an excellent location to begin your search.

1. Marriott International

2003 saw the formation of marriott international due to the Marriott Corporation splitting in two. A married couple, J. Willard and Alice Marriott, founded the marriott corporation in 1927. Today, Marriott international franchises and manages hotels and other similar forms of accommodation in multiple countries and is the largest hotel chain in the world regarding room count.

Over 8,000 properties worldwide fall under the marriott international brand, and they are located in over 100 countries. The headquarters of the chain are located in Bethesda, Maryland.

2. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

hilton hotels & resorts is a full-service hotel chain and the flagship trademark of the hilton worldwide hotel group. Conrad Hilton founded the company in 1919, and it has since grown to the point where it now owns, manages, or operates approximately 600 properties in six continents and nearly 100 nations.

The hotel chain is one of the greatest employers in the hospitality industry, with approximately 62,000 employees. Because many of its properties are located in major cities or popular travel destinations, the company is a good fit for those who desire to work in bustling environments with many attractions nearby.

3. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

The principal brand of Hyatt hotels corporation, Hyatt hotels & resorts, was founded in 1957 by Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch. It began as a single motel in Los Angeles and has since expanded into a global hotel chain with over 1,000 properties in approximately 70 countries.

The company primarily markets its properties to the luxury and business markets, making it an excellent option for those who wish to learn how to provide a high-level visitor experience or work as a hotel manager in a prestigious property. The primary Hyatt headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

4. Accor S.A.

Founded in 1967, Accor s.a. is a multinational hotel corporation with headquarters near Paris, France. The corporation owns or operates several thriving hotel chains, including Fairmont, pullman, raffles, mercure, and novotel.

Across more than 100 countries, Accor is liable for more than 5,000 guest accommodations. Additionally, the company manages or operates several other businesses within the broader hospitality industry, making it an ideal employer for workers from various backgrounds.

5. Jin Jiang international

Jin Jiang international is a Chinese state-owned hotel chain headquartered in Shanghai. The corporation operates several hotel chains and individual hotels in Shanghai, including Jinjiang Inn, Bestay Hotel Express, and Jinjiang hotel and Peace Hotel. Additionally, the corporation owns European brands such as golden tulip and royal tulip.

The extensive portfolio of hotel chains and properties under the Jin Jiang banner enables the organization to operate or supervise over 10,000 hotels in over 100 countries. It employs more than 100,000 people, and its large number of hotels results in a high demand for hospitality industry and related workers.

6. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Founded in 1981, wyndham hotels & resorts is an American hotel chain headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. The company owns some of the world’s largest hotel franchises, such as wyndham, Days Inn, ramada, La Quinta, and travelodge. Additionally, Wyndham asserts that it franchises more hotels than any other company globally.

More than 9,000 hotels and other lodging establishments fall under the wing of Wyndham. Wyndham is a famous company for employment seekers to target due to its worldwide properties, which range from extended stay and budget accommodations to luxury resorts.

7. Intercontinental Hotels Group

The headquarters of the intercontinental hotels group, also known as ihg hotels, are in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. IHG owns and/or operates the following hotel brands: intercontinental, Holiday Inn, holiday inn express, Crowne Plaza, Six Sensations, and Regent Hotels.

The company operates nearly 6,000 hotels in total. The majority of these properties are operated under franchise agreements, while others are owned by others in the tourism industry and used by ihg.

The “best” hotel chain to work for ultimately depends on your preferences, career objectives, and available roles and locations. It is vital to research and evaluate factors such as company culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and work-life balance to locate a hotel chain that aligns with your professional aspirations and personal needs. Your ideal employer in the hospitality industry may be one whose values and aspirations align with yours.

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